Tokyo 2014 part.3 - Favorite things I bought!

Tässä postaukessa kerron Japanin reissun ostoksistani! Ihan kaikista en jaksanut kuvia ottaa ja vaikeimmat kuvattavat jätin suosiolla tämän postauksen ulkopuolelle... Kuvat saa isommaksi klikkaamalla niitä!

So in this post I will be talking about things I bought from Japan! Here isn't everything I bought. Some of stuff I bought were kinda pointless or difficult to shoot so left them outside from this post... If you want to see bigger picture of some clothes, just click the image!

Before we left to Tokyo I had decided that I want buy beige jacket. And during the first days in Tokyo I found this one from INGNI and it was -20% off! YAY!

Couple days later I found this one from Ravias and i like it so much that I bought it even though I had beige jacket already! This one was also like 50% off so...
I have this kind of cardigan in black, but apparently I had some kind of obsession with light colored clothes this time!

If I could have wear this every day I really would have wore it! When I first found this one piece I wasn't convinced that it would look nice on me. But next day I went back to Duras and try it on and I complete fell in love with it!
This was very first thing I bought on first day! Basic black dress from GU! GU sells nice clothes with low price! I worn this dress so much  this summer!

This is the dress that I immediately fell in love when I found it from Delyle noir's sale box! Literally my heart started to pump crazy! I think (I'm not sure) it is from their winter collection so it was very cheap!

Way before we went to Tokyo I checked Shibuya 109's online shops and I found these bikini from Rienda! On my scale these were expensive (12.000 yen) and I disappointed when these weren't on sale on 7 Days Bargain either! But I had to have them! And I have wore these so much this summer that I'm 100% satisfied anyway!

I love these shoes so much! I bought these because I didn't have any nice shoes with me. 

I spent so much time fitting these shoes! Haha! Because I couldn't choose which color I liked the most! But finally shop assistant convinced me that this is best color! I liked this color the most from the beginning but I wasn't sure did it fit me well, but now I'm so glad that I ended up with this color! They have these in white, baby blue/white and black also!
Belt from Delyle Noir.

Some headbands! I like middle one best! Pink one is from some random shop in 109!

Those earrings from Forever 21 have appeared here already! And those which are from SpRay I found from Egg also (in different color but...)! Delyle Noir sold similar earrings but those were sold out! So I was so happy that I found these!
I bought this bag during the 7 Days Bargaing! I was looking for bag that I could carry on my shoulder for a while! So when I found this one I was happy it was on sale! It's basic so I think I will be using this bag for long time!
I really love love love these scents! One in blue bottle smells like shibuya 109! Haha!

Egg the final and Jelly!


Oon tosi tyytyväinen ostoksiini! Aijemmilla reissuilla oon aina ostanut jotain mitä oon myöhemmin katunut! Ja oon iloinen siitä, kun ei viettetty koko reissua ostoskeskuksissa ja-kaduilla. Vaikka jutut kuten Disneyland ja Mt. Fuji vei hyvän palan pudjetista niin tää reissu oli kyllä joka pennin arvoinen! Tällä kertaa pysyin myös hyvin butjetissa! Tuun varmaan vielä pitkään muistelemaan tätä reissua! On meinaan jo nyt kaipuu tuonne! 

I'm very happy with things I bought! Because this time I didn't bought anything that I would have regretted later. I'm so happy about that we didn't spent all trip in shopping malls and -streets. Stuff like Mt.Fuji and Disneyland took quite much money from my budget. And it was so worth it! This time I also stayed in my budget! I think this will be the trip I will be thinking and reminisce for so long! ...I already miss all that!

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